This is the Part Where I Talk About Stuff That Makes No Sense. So… Get a Decoder Ring!

I haven’t made a ‘legit’ post on this blog in forever. I got rid of all of the posts from the past. Why? IDK. They were stupid, I guess.

I have been concentrating on my other blog, which is less about me, and more about arts and entertainment. I still have a problem with talking about me, me, me. Well, sometimes I don’t.

The thing that I haven’t figured out is – okay, this is complicated to explain, and I’ll probably get it all wrong and confusey (hmmm, no such word probably, but wtf) sounding – whenever I post a comment to someone from the other blog, and they go to check out MY blog, it takes them to this one. I want them to go to the other one. Why? Because it’s where all of my posts are. Oh, yeah, and all of the stats. But for some technological computer crap reason, that I don’t understand because I don’t really have that much of a hard-on about figuring it out, I don’t know how to… OMG Bob, SHUT UP!
I should start posting everything here, but I don’t want to have to start all over again. The other blog gets from 500 to 1200 hits a day. The average is about 800. This one gets very few. Sure, there’s nothing really posted here, and no tags, but…blah blah blah, stfu Bob.

Anyway Bob, start posting crap HERE again. K!

On an unrelated side note, I watched the Royal Wedding this morning. Only because the TV was on when I woke up, and it was on that channel. I wasn’t totally bored. I mean, it is history in the making. I like history. I even know all of the royal houses.
Just remember No Plan Like Yours To Study History Wisely. Normandy, Plantagenant, Lancaster, York, Tudor, Stuart, Hanover, Windsor. There’s a Saxe-Coburg-Gotha in there somewhere, but they changed it to Windsor. Why? Because it was German sounding, and WWI was happening. You know, kinda like the president having the middle name Hussein…only the Saxe-Coburg-Gotha clan was savvy enough to change it.

So, I guess if I know the royal houses, and I’m not even British, watching the wedding kinda makes sense.

Or not.


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