American Idol Elimination Show for 5/05/11

I’m afraid that I may have been a tad bit harsh in my Idol post from this morning. I was full of caffeine and in a ranting mood. That’s really no excuse for talking bad about people that I don’t even know.
Tonight’s elimination show was just about how I expected it would be. With one exception, though. I thought for sure that Haley would be in the bottom 2. Not Lauren. Anyway, Jacob went home and that’s fine with me.
I had predicted that Lauren will come in 3rd in the competition. I am now changing my prediction to Haley.

Tonight’s show was fairly entertaining. I thought that Jennifer did good with her song. The only thing that I really didn’t care for was the Idol group song. I love “Happy Together” by the Turtles, but let’s face it… they murdered that song. It sounded better when the Brady Kids sang it on The Brady Bunch Variety Hour back in the 70s… and they sucked (with the exception of Geri Reischl, who portrayed Jan).

I kind of felt sorry for Lauren when they showed the clip of Jimmy Iovine talking about her. She teared up. I thought that she was going to start bawling. But, she didn’t. Another thing about Lauren. She looks like a freakin’ Amazon whenever she stands next to Ryan. I know Ryan is short, but she looks like Andre the Giant whenever they are together.


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