Sunday Funday – Only it’s really Saturday. I got mixed up.

It didn’t rain today. YAY! Also, the world didn’t end. Double YAY! Or maybe it did and I don’t know about it. Maybe I’m a ghost. You know, like Bruce Willis in The Sixth Sense. *spoiler alert* Sorry, if you haven’t seen it.

Speaking of which…that was one of the few times that I figured it out before the movie ended. I figured it out about halfway through. I wanted to yell it out loud in the theater.

OMG, everybody. Bruce Willis is a ghost!

But, I didn’t. I’m a good movie citizen.

Anyway, today was kind of boring. I went with my sister to the car dealership this morning, so that she could get a recalled car part fixed, or replaced, or whatever they did. The main reason I went was because I ran out of coffee last night. I knew from past visits – tune ups, etc. – that they had free coffee there. So, I went. Their coffee sucked.  It was really weak. I like really strong, extra dark, black coffee. There’s was really watered down.

After I drank the crappy coffee, I went outside. The TV in the waiting room was too loud and I wanted to scream. Some old lady was in charge of the remote so I couldn’t do anything about it. So, I went outside. Across the street, at another car dealership, was a giant balloon of Scooby Doo. Cool! I wanted to take a picture of it with my iphone. As I got closer some creepy guy came out and started staring at me. I guess he wanted to try to sell me a car. He just kept staring at me. Ugh. Anyway, I didn’t get close enough to get the picture. Creepy jerk.

After the car dealership, we went to Wal Mart. I got some coffee and body wash. I got red body wash. I wanted to get blue, but I remembered that I got blue last time. Only I didn’t get blue last time. I got red. When I got home I pulled back the shower curtain expecting to see an almost empty blue bottle of body wash. It wasn’t blue. It was red. I was pissed. Why in the hell did I think I got blue last time? Dope.

When we got home I had a bowl of Cap’n Crunch. It’s my favorite cereal. An hour later we had fajitas. Yum.

After that I played literature trivia on the Sporcle site, and watched girl’s softball on ESPN. I tried to guess who the lesbians were.

Later we watched the Preakness. Shackleford won. I have a friend named Pat Shackelford. He has a brother named Ted who is an actor. He was on Knott’s Landing and some other stuff. I don’t know what he is doing now. He might be on a soap. I’m not sure.
Animal Planet, or whatever the crap that horse’s name is that was supposed to win, came in second. That means no Triple Crown Winner this year. I guess that’s kinda good. That would just be one more thing that I would have to memorize for Jeopardy.

Later on in the day I stepped on something sharp that was on the floor. It got stuck in my foot. At first I thought that maybe it was those things that are supposed to sting you during the Great Tribulation. Then that volcano erupted. I got worried for a microsplit second. I went outside to check for zombies. Maybe it WAS true. Then I thought, “Oh wait, we’ve still got that 12/21/12 thing to go”.



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