An Old Persons Review of the MTV Movie Awards 2011

So, I watched the MTV Movie Awards last night. I wanted to scream. What is wrong with those people? Are they on crack? Did they drink too much alcohol?
Seriously, just about everyone was acting like some kind of moronic idiot. I wanted to scream! Of wait, I already said that. That’s okay, it deserves reiteration.

Emcee, Jason Sudeikis told crappy jokes about Arnold Schwarzenegger and his mistress/girlfriend/baby mama. Dude, that was so 2 weeks ago. Plus, the jokes were just stupid.

At one point in the show, the picture and sound became out of sync. It was at the part where Sudeikis and Emma Stone were singing a 4 measure duet. Toward the end of their song the picture stuttered for about a half a second and it was all back in sync again. They should have left it out of sync. Not too long after that, Robert Pattinson, said the F word, and it slipped past the censors and didn’t get bleeped. Who is in charge of this show’s production? A fifteen year old?

The F word was used several more times during the show. All of them were bleeped. Do these people not realize that there are kids in the audience? Sure, kids hear and say that word all the time, but at least try to act like a responsible adult when you are presenting yourself to millions of viewers. Saying the F word to try to be funny does not automatically turn you into a comedian. I just makes you look like your not smart enough to amuse people any other way.

Seriously Reese, what are you even saying?

Reese Witherspoon won some kind of special award. Her speech was so pretentious I wanted to vomit. She talked about how you don’t have to take off your clothes or act stupid in a reality show to make it in Hollywood. You can do it the way she did it…by acting.

Justin Timberlake and Mila Kunis presented Robert Pattinson with the popcorn trophy for ‘best male performance’. They also groped each other. He grabbed her boobs and she grabbed his crotch. Really? I mean, REALLY? Talk about a cheap way to get laughs. Again, millions of people are watching the show. Is this lascivious behavior how you really want to get laughs? Obviously, it is.

There were a few ‘normal’ and legitimately entertaining moments during the show. The Foo Fighters performance was very good. It was a welcome respite. For a few minutes I actually felt like I hadn’t stumbled into a crackhead convention.
Also showing some decorum was Taylor Lautner. He gave the speech when The Twilight Saga: Eclipse won for best picture. He was gracious, coherent and it was one of the saner moments of the show.

Justin Bieber was the Best Jawdropping Moment winner. He was smart enough to come from off-stage to receive the award, say thanks, wave to his fans, and then exit – all without making himself look like an idiot. I knew I liked that kid for some reason.

Best Line From a Movie winner was child actor Alexys Nycole Sanchez for her line “I want to get chocolate wasted” from the movie Grown Ups. I just hope that she wasn’t in the audience during all of the F bomb utterances or the Timberlake/Kunis groping. How awkward!

I guess I could say that the show was entertaining, but only in a ‘train wreck/OMG, what is wrong with these people’ sort of way.
It seems that the only reason that they have the show in the first place is to promote upcoming movies.

Normally, I wouldn’t have watched the show, but, I was not in charge of the remote. Unlucky me.


5 thoughts on “An Old Persons Review of the MTV Movie Awards 2011

    • I going to have to quite saying that. I get so much crap from my friends and family. I like his song ‘Baby’. That’s it. Just the one song.

      • Gah, you like THAT song? And here I thought you were an intelligent, older gentleman and not a screamy, hysterical 11 year old girl! 😉 just kidding, but seriously, get your ears checked mate. lol

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