Leaving Las Vegas – Part 1

Last night I watched about an hour of the Daytime Emmy Awards. It was televised from the Hilton in Las Vegas, and as I watched I got homesick. I spent almost 20 years of my life there.

The first year I lived there I hated it. It was like living on a different planet. I eventually got used to it and started loving it.

The very first place that I lived when I moved there was Harbor Island. It’s one of those rent by the week places. Two days after I moved there I got a job at the Westward Ho. I worked the graveyard shift in the coffee shop. I was a foodserver. I was the only guy server. It was me and a bunch of old ladies. One of them kept stealing the toast that I had made for my orders.

Harbor Island was not a fun place to live. It seemed like there was at least one major drug bust there every week.

After about 2 months of living there, I met this guy named Adam who was looking for a roommate. Adios and good riddance Harbor Island. Hello 3 bedroom house.

After about a year, I quit the Westward Ho job and started working at Big Dogs Cafe and Casino. Again, I was working graveyard.

The supervisor on my shift was C.J. Graham. C.J. was also an actor. He had played the part of Jason Voorhees in Friday the 13th Part 6: Jason Lives. So I guess you could say I worked for Jason Voorhees.

I quit Big Dogs after about a year. The MGM Grand was opening and I got a job in Leonardo’s Italian Restaurant. It was supposed to be fine dining, but believe me, it wasn’t. I got stuck working in the VIP room a lot. Ugh! I hated the VIP room. Talk about picky people.

I used to have to wait on Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers at least once or twice a week. He would sit at the back table and face the wall. Whatever. It was always the same.

Hello, and welcome to Leonardo’s Fine Italian Restaurant. My name is Bob and I’ll be…


I’m Bill Medley from the Righteous Brothers and here is what I want.
Blah blah blah…al dente…blah blah blah…al’ olio…blah blah blah…but tell the chef not to….blah blah blah.

After about the 5th time I was like, “Ummm, yeah, so I know who you are and I know want you want”.

Seriously, I do have a memory.

Then there was Michael Crawford. Famous for The Phantom of the Opera. Now he was doing the EFX show. He used to come in with his little entourage after his show and he was kind of a messy eater.

It was required that every MGM employee see the EFX show, so that we could talk about it with our guests. The night that I saw it, there were a bunch of mechanical problems and they had to stop the show twice. Whenever people asked me about it, I would have to lie.

“Ummm, yeah, it’s really good.”

I always liked waiting on the boxers. They were the nicest and least pretentious. Maybe because of brain damage. IDK. I even met Evander Holyfield BEFORE he got his ear bit off.

I waited on Don King twice. Seeing his hair in person was truly magnificent. I wanted to touch it.

After about 3 years Leonardos closed. As did about 4 other restaurants in the MGM. All of the spaces were leased out to other restaurants. We were all laid off.
Goodbye MGM.

It was about this time that I moved out of Adam’s house and into an apartment. He had become a major pain and I was sick of his obnoxious shenanigans. My last words to Adam were “Adios, Mother F**ker”!

The Twain Estates was my new residence. It was about 4 blocks from the Las Vegas strip – right down the street from Caesar’s Palace. It was also right next door to Chinatown.

My apartment was on the second floor. I shared a stairway with the apartment right across from me. After a few days I met the 2 girls who lived there. They were strippers. Their names were Alicia and Shannon, and they always had people over. It was basically people clumping up and down the stairs 24/7. After a while it became quite annoying. Especially when guys would come over and knock on my door instead of theirs. After a while, instead of answering the door, I would just scream “They live next door”!

Shannon and Alicia eventually moved out and the apartment stayed vacant for quite some time. After a while I started to miss all of the stripper action.

End of part 1


7 thoughts on “Leaving Las Vegas – Part 1

  1. I really enjoy reading your blogs! Just thought I’d let you know.

    On an aside note, do you use an html tag to insert the smaller pictures that are peppered throughout the entry? I am extremely new to wordpress and I’m finding the images to be a little difficult to figure out. I love how photos enhance a story and would like to use a lot in my own blog. Please let me know. Thanks!

    • Hi Molly. I’ll see if I can explain it .
      I usually don’t use an html tag. I use pictures that are uploaded onto the computer.
      After you click on ‘add an image’, which is the first little box after Upload/insert, click on select files and chose a picture from your computer. Once the picture comes up you can scroll down to ‘alignment’ and ‘size’. To resize the picture you click on either the thumbnail, medium, large of full size circle.
      You can also align it right, center or left.
      After that you just ‘insert into post’, which is right under the thumbnail size.

      Sometimes the picture doesn’t always go where I want it to and I have to experiment with it a little.

      Sometimes I do use an html tag if I’m using a picture from photobucket. I usually resize it in photobucket before I insert the html.

      It took me a while to figure it all out.

      If you are going to upload a picure from your computer and you want it to go on the side of the paragraph that you’ve written, do this.

      Click the cursor right before the first word of the paragraph that you’ve written. Click on ‘add an image’. Select the file and upload it. When it comes up you can click on either right or left. Click insert into post, and the picture should come up to the right or the left of the paragraph.

      I hope all of this helps.

      If you add an image with html, just make sure that you are on the ‘HTML’ and not ‘Visual’ part in the Add New Post section.

      Thanks for liking my blogs. 🙂

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