It’s July and hot

Hmmmm…I haven’t done a post in about a week. Slacker! I’ve been kind of busy and distracted. The 4th of July, birthdays, people coming to the house to fix stuff, blabbity blabbity blah.

Speaking of which, UGH, I have a birthday coming up in a few weeks. Again UGH. It’s not so bad if you’re like 12, but when you get to be in your 50s it’s just another step closer to Forest Lawn.

It has been really hot here. It was 106 today. Lucky for me this house has state of the art super saver hospital quality air conditioning. Everything else may be Levittown commensurate, but the air is right on fabulous. Just like the kind that they put in those houses on that Extreme Makeover: Home Edition show when the kids have some type of breathing disorder. I used to like that show, but now I can’t change the channel fast enough. Ty Pennington is like Pollyanna in dire need of ritalin, or whatever the crap they give hyperactive kids these days. – P.S. I abhor that show!

I won a caption contest, yay. It’s on Jamie’s blog. Go here to see it.

I got over 1000 hits on my Jeopardy post today, and not one complaint about how I was ruining someone’s life because they came across and read the final  question and answer before they saw the show. Anyway, I got it wrong, as did all 3 of the contestants. I said Louis XVI. They did too. It seemed like a logical answer. Too bad it was Robespierre (I prolly spelled that wrong. IDK.)

I think I’m done now. Bye.


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