My Ad Infinitum Playlist

My Ad Infinitum Playlist
The 8 songs that I listen to all the time.

Music To Watch Girls By
by the Bob Crewe Generation
This was the first Top 40 hit for the Bob Crewe Generation. I remember hearing it in a Pepsi commercial when I was a kid. I liked it then and I like it now.
Andy Williams has a version of it, with lyrics, on his Born Free album. I like the instrumental version the best.

Listen To Music To Watch Girls By by the Bob Crewe Generation
Listen To Music To Watch Girls By by Andy Williams

Mashed Potato Time
by Dee Dee Sharp  For me, this is the epitome of the 60s dance record. It went to no.2 on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1962.
I’ve listened to this song thousands of times and have never tired of it.

Listen To Mashed Potato Time by Dee Dee Sharp

by Santo and Johnny This is one of those hypnotic dreamlike songs. It was no. 1 on Billboard’s Hot 100 for 2 weeks in September of 1959 and was the last instrumental to hit no. 1 in the 1950s.
I listen to this song when I am in a nostalgic mood. 

Listen To SleepWalk by Santo and Johnny

I Only Have Eyes For You
by The Flamingos 
This song has been recorded many times, but the version done by The Flamingos is my favorite. It peaked at no.11 on the Billboard Top 100. Rolling Stone magazine ranked the Flamingos’ version #157 on their list of the 500 Greatest Songs of All Time.
The Flamingos version was also used on the American Graffiti soundtrack.

Listen To I Only Have Eyes For You by The Flamingos

Don’t Dream It’s Over
by Crowded House
This song was released Jan.2, 1987 and reached no. 2 on the Billboard Hot 100.
It was used it Stephen King’s The Stand mini-series.

Listen To Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House

by Radiohead 
I love this song. I prefer the ‘so fucking special’ version over the ‘so very special’ version. The song has a weird chord progression. G-B-C-Cm.
Apparently, Jonny Greenwood thought the song was too quiet and tried to screw it up by hitting the 3 blasts of dead notes heard when the song shifts from the verse to the chorus. It made the cut, and is one of the reasons that the song is so great.

Listen To Creep by Radiohead

by Justin Bieber 
I’m not a 12 year old girl, but I still like this song. People have made fun of me because of it.
I don’t care. It’s a catchy pop tune with a very ingenious hook. I like the acoustic version, sans Ludacris, the best.

Listen To Baby by Justin Bieber

by Slipknot 
Such an awesome song from such a scary looking band. I have to be in the mood for most of their stuff, but I am always in the mood for this song.

Listen To Snuff by Slipknot