And They Call It Puppy Love

Donny Osmond was on The Talk a few days ago. I like Donny. When I lived in Las Vegas I went to 3 of his concerts. Mainly because of propinquity. He would perform occasionally at the Orleans Hotel and Casino, which was located right down the street from where I lived. This was before he started doing his show with Marie at the Flamingo.

The first time that I went to see Donny I was with my friend Elvis. Elvis was just her nickname. Her real name was Yvonne. She also went by the name of Toni – the name given to her when she rode with Hell’s Angels. She was about 10 years older than me and one of the sweetest people that I have ever met. That is until you got on her bad side. I once saw her grab a butcher knife and shove it up under a guy’s throat. He was a big guy, too. She threated to rip his throat out.  

Elvis has tattoos covering her shoulders, arms and part of her neck. Most of them are Elvis Presley related. In later years she developed an infatuation with Antonio Banderas and got some tattoos relating to him also.

Elvis’ mother had been an actress in Hollywood back in the 40s and 50s. I can’t recall her name, but she mostly had bit parts, and acted as a stand-in for some actress that I also can’t recall. I’m thinking Lana Turner, but I may be wrong.

Elvis was originally from Providence, RI, and is somehow connected with Cross Pens. I think that her mother was married to one of the guys who owns it, or something like that. Anyway, Elvis gets money from them. She gets $1000 a month, and $20,000 at the end of every year. I’m not exactly sure how her mother is connected with the company now, but I do know that she’s really rich because of it. The big drama was when Elvis’ father/stepfather (I’m not sure which) died, and her mother married one of the guys who worked in their stables. According to Elvis, he tried to brainwash her mother into letting him control her finances.

Elvis had 4 kids. One of her daughters had died when she was trapped in a car that was in flames and burned to death. She also had a son who was an alcohol and drug addict. She told me a story about how she had come home one day (she was letting him stay with her), and he had drank all of the liquor in her Elvis Presley liquor bottle. She kicked him out. 

Anyway, my first time to see Donny perform was with her. We were sitting in the 4th row. Elvis wasn’t really a big Donny fan, but the concert was around the time of my birthday, and this was her present to me.

Most of the people at the concert were woman who were about my age. Just like me, they grew up with him. The thing that surprised me the most about his concert was how the women reacted. It was like it was 1972 all over again. Every time he would start to sing a new song they would start screaming and rush the stage. They first time they did it I was like WTF. They would scream and cry and shout “Donny! Donny”!

Before every song they would yell “Puppy Love, Puppy Love“! About halfway through the show he pulled some fortunate female (the homliest of the bunch I might add) out of the audience and brought her up on stage, where she sat in a chair while he crooned Puppy Love to her. I must admit that this part of the show kind of made me want to gag. I remember Elvis turning to me and saying, “What is the hell is wrong with these stupid women”?! I just shrugged my shoulders.

The next time that I went to see Donny perform, I was with my friend Camille. She had never seen him perform before, but was a fan. I had figured that the last concert, where the women became frenzied and crazed, was an isolated incident. Must to my amazement, however, it was exactly the same as it was before. Even more shocking was that my friend, Camille, was pretty much leading the pack. As soon as Donny started singing, she was out of her seat and at the front of the stage in about 2 seconds – screaming and yelling and crying “Donny! Donny!”. The thing that made me almost die from hysterics, though, was that there were 2 guys up there doing the same thing. It was so bizarre seeing 2 men about my age acting that way. When Donny sang the song Yo Yo, one of the guys started dancing so spasmodically that I thought he was having a seizure.

The last time that I saw Donny perform I was with my sister. Even though, like me, she grew up watching and listening to Donny, she wasn’t as big a fan. Which is kind of strange since SHE was the one who had all of his records and read of his exploits in the 16 and Tiger Beat magazines.
Lucky for me, she wasn’t one of the woman, who yet again, screamed and yelled and rushed the stage. I was thankful.

I have never seen Donny and Marie perform together. That’s kind of surprising, too, because I used to live so close to the Flamingo, where they are performing.