The Iron Chef Chairman Shoots and Kills Charlene Frazier Stillfield


It looks like Julia Sugarbaker is going to be looking for another receptionist. Charlene Frazier Stillfield, who moonlights as the Governor of Hawaii, under the alias of Pat Jameson, was shot and killed last night by Iron Chef Chairman Wo Fat. Iron Chef Wo Fat, who was eliminated in the 7th episode on season 9 of Dancing With the Stars (a period of time in which the crime level in the state of Hawaii experienced a sharp decrease), waltzed into the Governor’s office and blasted a few bullets into the chest of Charlene/Pat.

Super hunky and intense Steve McGarrett, who is head of Hawaii’s Five-0, was unconscious on the floor at the time of the shooting. He had been knocked out by super-villain Iron Chef Wo Fat seconds before the tragic event. McGarrett had been in the Governor’s office trying to get her to confess on tape that it was SHE who was behind the ‘exploding-claymore-in-the-car’ death of Miss Teen USA 1985 winner Kelly Hu. Hu, before her untimely and gruesome death, had been masquerading as Laura Hills, Public Safety liaison to the corrupt Charlene/Pat. 

In a strange twist of ‘he was dead when I got there, Mr. Mason’ fate, McGarrett was holding the gun when he awoke – cleverly placed there by the notorious Chef Wo Fat while McGarrett had been unconscious. No longer ‘lost’ Chin Ho Kelly, who had quit Five-0 and been re-instated to the HPD as a Lt. during the commercial break, was, along with other members of the HPD, the first on the scene. Kelly, seeing that Governor Stillfield/Jameson was dead, immediately arrested McGarrett for the crime. Gubernatoriacide?

What will become of the Five-0 quartet? I guess we’ll have to wait for Fall to find out.