You Say Faux Pas – I Say Aloha

I like wearing Hawaiian Aloha shirts. I was informed earlier this week that they are a fashion faux pas and that I should stop wearing them. Really? So what am I supposed to wear? Bib overalls? Pass!

I don’t care what any of the fashionista gestapos/people who are supposedly my friends say, I’m gonna wear Hawaiians shirts. Yes, even out in public. Just be thankful that I don’t have the thing tucked in.

Lot’s of cool people wear them. Seriously, which of the following people would you rather hang out with.

That’s right, D! And if you said anything other than D, then you’ve got bigger problems than being seen with someone wearing a Hawaiian shirt.

To all of my friends, relatives, Facebook friends and Twitter peeps who rag on my shirts…Stop it! Just stop it! I have never uttered one word about the hideous crap that you wear. Seriously, Mike!? A beer-stained wifebeater. Oh yeah, that’s SO much more fashion forward that a polyester shirt with parrots and flowers on it.

Yes, I know that I’m not Elvis Presley in Blue Hawaii, or a mustachioed pi who chases criminals while wearing super-tight ‘where in the crap do you hide your genitals’ shorts, or a trio Brady kids looking for a burial ground so that I can return a taboo tiki idol (If anything, I’m more like this guy).

But, none of that should matter. I wear them because they are bright and colorful and I like them. They’re comfortable and they make me feel like I am on holiday, even when I am not.

Duh -I said ‘holiday’. I’ve obviously been watching too many Hercule Poirot flicks. I meant ‘vacation’.