Five Things That I Need To STOP Doing

1. Going onto the internet and reading the SparkNote analysis of a book when I am only halfway through it.
It totally defeats the whole purpose of reading and leaves me feeling cheated.

2. Obsessing over whether I am supposed to use the right or the left index finger to type the number 6.
Mavis Beacon says to use the right index finger. Another typing program that I found on the internet says to use the left. My sister, who has been touch typing since the 9th grade says to use the left. My Uncle Jim, who is the CEO of a big company says to use the right. I say just stay away from the number 6.

3. Wearing t-shirts and hats with sports team logos of teams that you have no clue about.
I’m a cheap ass when it comes to buying clothes. The cheaper less expensive, the better. A lot of my shirts have sports team logos on them. I got them because they were cheap, not because I liked the team. When I dress in the morning I don’t look to see what design is on the front of the shirt. It’s really awkward when you are out in public and someone says, “Hey, how about them ‘blah blahs’. ‘Blah Blah’ really had a great game last week. Do you think that coach ‘blah blah’ is going to retire this year, or stick around for another season”?
I really need to find some shirts with dead U.S. Presidents of them. Now THAT I can talk about. 

4. Looking for Music or Book Stores whenever I go to the mall.
Just face the fact that they’re gone, Bob. There weren’t any the last time you went and there aren’t any now.  

5. DVRing too many TV shows with ‘America’ in the title.
American Idol, America’s Next Top Model, America’s Got Talent.
Face it Bob…when it comes time to delete it, you’re going to delete the wrong one. Just watch them live. Problem solved.