I Wish I Were More of a Handyman

I’m not a handyman. I wish I were, but I’m not. I’m lucky that I can tell the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver.
Yesterday I took on the daunting task (daunting for me anyway) of assembling a computer desk, a book shelf and a small dresser. About 80% of the male population could probably accomplish the task in about 5 minutes…blindfolded. I, on the other hand, took one look at the instructions and saw it as a task commensurate with singlehandedly erecting the Empire State Building.

I’ve tried a few DIY projects in the past, but to no avail. Everything ends up broken.
Case in point: The ceiling fan in the living room.
The old ceiling fan is in the garage. The new ceiling fan is in the box…broken. And, there are wires hanging down from the ceiling in the living room.
Other case in point: The hole in the wall.
One time as I was walking through the living room, I tripped, fell and my butt went through the wall. After about 6 months of staring at a hole in the wall I decided to try to fix it. I got a kit from Home Depot. I eventually finished the project, but it looks like a 5 year old did it. The sofa now covers the botched job.

Sometimes I feel likes the world’s most incompetent boob because I have problems doing regular ‘guy’ stuff.

I suppose that if I took the time to actually read about and study home improvement, I would feel less intimidated. But, for some reason I feel like I am supposed to instinctively know how to do those kinds of things. I know that’s probably not rational thinking, but I can’t help it. It seems like all of the men on both sides of my family were born with power tools in their hand and, somehow, I got skipped. Sure, I know stuff that they don’t know, but whenever we are together as a group, my knowledge of ‘abstract-expressionism’ or ‘Shakespeare’ just doesn’t fit it with a conversation of how to fix a toilet or hook up a washing machine.

I was able to finish the computer desk and bookcase project with only one hammer-smashing finger injury. AND, they are still together and standing.